They say 2 hours of sleep is normal if you don’t exercise (111 days in isolation)

I have started to scare myself with how much joy I have now for God.
You are such a harbor me; through all of these trials you’ve never wavered.
I feel our hearts are together always, even through these walls of cement.

They came today for the sick call I wrote ten days ago.
They also answered my request forms saying they won’t give me copies of my medical records.
I have to write to Raleigh’s Department of Corrections, so if you can do that, maybe they will give them to you. They took my blood work on November 19th. I can’t get through to them how much pain this is, and they will do nothing but just tell me to expect pain, to work out, like I haven’t been trying. No one actually does anything. But, I will try to hang on in faith, and give God my burdens.

Praise God! He is moving mountains through you, Rochelle! On our limited canteen list it was now offering for us to purchase multi-vitamins and glucosamine! We were never allowed to get vitamins until now! He is working mightily through you. I wrote to the unit manager giving thanks and asking if they could please allow us to get fish oil.


I was the psychologist today for about 15 minutes. I explained about the sleep deprivation and the lighting, and the extreme cold and she said that 2 hours of sleep at a time was normal without any strenuous activity. Even after I explained my depression, bouts of crying and hopelessness, she said that she couldn’t help and that it didn’t warrant a full psychological evaluation.

She said that things would be better once I’m out of isolation. REALLY? I only have about 90 more days.

The only way to get any version of ‘help’ is if I try to hurt myself or others. Great.

We went outside this morning. IT was so great to finally get outside. I could smell wood burning! It was so homey and reminded me of the fires we would burn sometimes. The leaves and wood smelled so real! I’ve not smelled that in three years now.


I see the importance of celebrating the birth of our Lord now. Before it was more selfish in nature, but this is much bigger; it’s about showing love to others to spread God’s unending love to all. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may His love fill your hearts as He has mine.


3 thoughts on “They say 2 hours of sleep is normal if you don’t exercise (111 days in isolation)

  1. Hi Rochelle, hope you are doing well. I have been reading for 2 days trying to catch up on your blog. WOW….I have to say that you are an amazing woman. You really are. After reading I am left with so many questions about your husbands incarceration and how this came to be. 113 yrs…holy crap…that is ALOT of time!!! I am reluctant to ask the questions that boggle my mind, you have not shared any details, just that it was a rape charge. Is there a reason you are not sharing more? Please don’t feel that I am trying to put you on the spot, or pry.

    Lilladyj ❤

    • Thank you so much for even taking the time to care to read at all!

      It is so clear to us that we are in our plight to bring awareness to a horrible nation-wide occurrence – making a cash cow of struggling families in the working class.

      1 in 100 are now incarcerated to help fund state coffers, even minors; it is heartbreaking and true.

      For particulars, I have included here, in six parts, a 16 page grievance to our state of NC Bar. It has been open for two years, as of January, as no one wants to be the first to make a move against this lawyer or this judge. (their average case review is 6 months, btw)
      You can also see my email to the Executive Clemency inside here. Either are forthcoming.

      In these six segments it goes through the two year process, from the anger of my step daughter the night before, where we had argued over her homework and she was mad at her dad for not taking up for her, the racial profiling by the sheriff’s office calling him a flight risk, to the lack of a forensic expert for the defense, to the child protective worker doing nothing to examine all of our medical records about the mental state of the children to the mother always pushing the three children to start false claims with DSS at school, to the how the jury was threatened throughout the trial and told they would have to come back every day until they did make a unanimous decision, even after three days of being a hung jury, to the DA threatening to put me in jail if I testified on Daniel’s behalf.

      The mother and some of her family members were the predators.

      I am currently researching the state of financial distress of NC in 2009, as there are many blogs online about fighting corrupt cps and then after the middle of 2010, the blogs stop.

      The Guilford County legal system was in desperate need of funds, and I think the assistant DA was trying to justify his pay increase up to $95k by trumping up cases to look as if he was the knight in shining armor doing these ‘great’ deeds, as they were cutting everyone’s budgets yet he got his raise.

      Now, I may disappear after writing this, as I am transparent in all of my research and what I feel, and EVERYone in NC who needs to know where I am can find me now, or worse could happen in prison, as there are areas that are not under surveillance, and men/women have been beat or worse in these places.

      But, we both agreed that God is in control, and the truth must come out if NC and other southern stone age prison systems are going to be made to change and help minorities.

  2. you can just type ‘clemency’ in the blog search bar, or ‘NC Bar’ or maybe ‘formal complaint’….thank so much for your kind words!

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