Well, the nurse finally showed up (two days later)


At 10:15 a.m. the C.O. yelled through the door and said a nurse needed to see me. So, I

struggled to get up and then he tells me to put on pants. Again, I fumble

lost love, solitude, injustice, Latino

You’d be surprised how much a little push from the outside world could help us in here…


still having to be sooo careful because of my incision hurting so bad, and

then he has me put my hands through the slot to be handcuffed. Then, he tells

me to sit on the bed, which is protocol.

But, the nurse wants to see the incision, because I had written the sick call, so she had to come. I go to unbutton my pants, but I can’t because of the handcufss and chains, so I can’t bend, as the ones around my ankles are hooked by the same chain between them. So, I just look at the CO, and ask him why he had me put my pants on if she had to look at the hernia surgery scar…(now, remember it is a 5 inch incision from where they let it go so long untreated, and of course it is down by my groin)

Well, he didn’t have anything to say, he just unlocked the cuffs so I could finally unbutton my pants so I can lay back down on the bed. Then the male nurse looks at it,(I didn’t know who the nurse would be until he came in) and says it is healing well. I look at him and explain that it had been burning all night and had leaked everywhere at the time I wrote the sick call, just not right now, TWO DAYS LATER!

He just says not to lift anything heavy, and doesn’t even CHANGE my bandage or do anything. Then, he leaves. Just like that. But, it was weird, as they never give us any copies of the sick call, they always take it for their ‘records’. He said he didn’t want me to be charged for something that Medical should be doing as protocol after a surgery, but wasn’t.

On top of that, he wasn’t telling me the truth. He really gave me the sick call because it didn’t look good and if I had to place a sick call to get someone to look over it, and then they find something wrong, it becomes negligence.

They have left me on my own to take care of what they at medical were supposed to do – make sure I was getting better, not worse.

So, I laid there, not moving until they brough my lunch tray, and then I ate and listened to the radio. As I was resting there, doing my best not to move too much, I pushed to get up and I had fresh blood and some more leakage on my clothes. So, now I’m bleeding, and what am I supposed to do now? The nurse had said that it didn’t look infected, but how can I believe him with all of this yellow pus leaking out again today?

People outside don’t realize how we are treated like cattle; even our food is animal grade.

Sigh. Well, the mail and paper came, so I will have something to read to ease my mind.

Thanks for listening  to me so much, with all of my complaining…it would be so great if you could get some people to help you write complaints to send to the regional director in Morganton. Even when you call and complain, they run around like ants whose hill has been disturbed. It could make a difference…


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