In here, that can make or break you

I love you so much; your beauty abounds these walls, this space between us.

Pray about what you do daily with our children, and even your mom; she is a part of this whole thing. She has suffered greatly from the loss of my income and assistance with all of the day to day living decisions. Reading the book you bought, and the bible has helped me to stay sane – are you still reading it a little each day?

I didn’t have to get the charge that I received, but my case worker did nothing to advocate for me, or to talk about how I’ve never caused trouble or been a problem my three years so far. But, she is just like the rest, sitting around, doing as little as possible while on the clock. Our super will be retiring soon, and there isn’t anyone to take his place right now. I’m so blessed to have you here for me. So many have no one at all to speak out for them, or to help, and when in here, that can make or break you.


Hey, I got a paper again today. It has been pushed under my door, so I guess when the officer reads it and decides to give it to me, then I can get it.

I know you don’t care about this stuff, but the Panthers play against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Carolina is 3-3 while the Bus are 0-6. But, they still play a dangerous game that C better be ready for. This would help them in the conference, and let them stay in the wild card playoffs, unles the Saints started losing a lot of games….

I feel much better today. It doesn’t fell quite as bad now. The incision doesn’t look that great, but I don’t still think it will come apart, I hope! I’m still staying still in bed most of the time, so I won’t aggravate it. I think most of my worry was that it sort of burned and leaked after the doctor took the staples out. It doesn’t burn too much now, but it does have a sharp throbbing, like a knife. The mesh is supposed to stop huring inside after about six weeks, but I can still feel it.

I really enjoyed your letter, though it was short, but to get it in less than a week was really good. I know I most likely won’t get another one this week.

They’ve moved some men around this week. There were eight of us in this dorm out of 24 people. They well all moved to A block because the other areas were filled. I hope to stay as I still need this handicap room for a few more weeks. If my cousin didn’t order my package before the ICON date, then they won’t let me have my Christmas package. People outside don’t realize how important it is that they do things if they can to help us, like ordering things, writing, sending a card or calling to check on us if they haven’t heard from us in a while. Time goes by so quickly for those outside, and it can be a month with no word before you know it. It makes it very hard in here, with so little to keep us occupied or to help ease our minds.

I still have a few things from the last order this year, but am out of coffee, which would really help me, as it is so cold. We can’t get any unless we already had it in regular. I did hold on to a box of tea from last Christmas, and that has been such a blessing since I’ve been sent here to seg.

We have no way to get any canteen much, and we already do without so much. I hoped to get the

injustice, hope, faith, God

Every winter, you’d be like a squirrel, hoarding away extra food during my lay offs.

coffee, peanut butter and the cappicinos the most, as the capp reminds me of how you woule spoil me on weekends and make we those special coffees that we would sit and drink on the porch, or at the table while the kids were still asleep. You bought me that HUGE cup from the parkway trip, and I would drink every bit. I miss things like this the most. I also use it instead of a pack of cream and sugar, as it saves on my food supplies. You can trade in here, but you got the most with stamps, and without my stamps, I want to hold on to my food, as I am still so hungry.

I can remember how you’d take my Christmas bonus at the first of December and buy extra food for the pantry, as I would always be laid off due to the weather for at least 8-10 weeks each winter, and my checks would be cut in half. You were like a squirrel, packing flour, butter, extra items in every nook and cranny so we would at least have pintos, biscuits, soups, stews to help us to get by.



2 thoughts on “In here, that can make or break you

  1. what prison are you located in? Have you heard of the ministry of Bob Ekblad? He runs a ministry called Tierra Nueva in Washington State. You should look him up.

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