We just packed up whatever we had, threw the kids in the car, and drove…

Well, they won’t be giving me any more pain meds.

I got my last one today at 3:30. 10-21-13.

So, when they change my bandage tonight I will ask for some Ibuprofen for the pain.

I thought it would be longer for the pain relief being that they cut me so much, but I’ll be fine.

men, women, writing, injustice

I can remember grumbling all the way, until we got on the ferry. The statue was so beautiful…

I’m tougher than I give myself credit for. Now that this is behind me, I can work on getting my health back on track. Working harder to lose this weight, so I will start running again, once I can get back outside. Looks like that might not be until sometime in February. I also need to start working on my brain more. See, if you can find some courses for inmates; it doesn’t have to be for credit. Anything that will help my mind to improve. I don’t mind asking my cousin to pay for the courses, if I can just get her to write me back.

I can’t wait to see you again. I pray that they only give me close observation so that we can see each other on Saturday mornings, but I don’t think they will change the Wed. visits until I get back to regular population again. But, then I wouldn’t have to wear the arm and leg chains, I think.

I just want to be back in your arms. I don’t think you will be able to come this week. It sounded like it would be on the 30th. Either way is fine. I know it is hard to drive four hours round trip to see me behind glass for one hour, and is hard on the car to drive from one set of mountains to the other. Be sure to get the oil changed, and new front tires before this hard mountain winter hits. I miss being there for you, fixing the car, changing the brakes every 50k miles because you would drive the car to death to make sure the kids got to go on all of these crazy trips you’d make us take so they could get “life experiences” you called it…I can remember grumbling all the way to NYC to take the ferry and drag all five kids up the steps of the statue of Liberty when we lived in PA…riding the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, and the views…God, you ‘made’ us experience so much. We couldn’t even pay the rent on time that month. But, I will never forget those times, and the kids were so proud to be able to go to school and share their pictures, and to know all of that information about our country’s start…

I would drag the cooler out of the attic, and help you make a ton of sandwiches, crackers, drinks, apples…we just packed up whatever we had and threw the kids in the car and drove. We drove all over the place to give those kids a piece of the American dream. You knew, far better than me how to give those kids, and me, a chance at knowledge, a chance to enjoy our lives a little more. All the special needs of each child, my own needs, even though I fought you, kicking and screaming on those nice Saturdays or Sundays when I wanted to lie around looking at football or woodworking shows, DYI…you were so stubborn…reading, teaching us before each trip about where we were going, why it was important, and what we were expected to know about it…even me…

Well, I’m going to try to get these pages out tonight so, Good night my love! You’re beautiful.

I will try to imagine you next to me all night…


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