Not to worry you

October 17, 2013                                         men, women, injustice, relationships, spirituality

Dear Shel,

I’m feeling much better today.

Moving doesn’t hurt as much. There were six staples that look awful.

They also brought me my notice for DCC that will happen on Monday.

If they ask me anything I will simply tell them the truth. But most likely

they have already made up their minds. Anyway, I’m fine and I’ve been waiting on those new visit forms with no help from anyone. I will have to make a scene to get anything done. I wanted to get this out on Tuesday. I want to be sure we can get things straight for you to continue to visit since the move.

I sure do miss your beautiful warming eyes and arms that held me so tight. Please Lord let me get some visit forms to send this out tonight. I love you so much..this surgery has just got me all out of sorts. I’m so happy that God hasn’t allowed anything bad to happen while back here in seg, because when I use the green light to get the booth’s attention they may send someone back here to me about fifteen minutes later. So, if I had been bleeding back here I would have lasted too long. Not to worry you, just speaking the truth. God is in control. Praise Him for the health he has given me to be this strong. I’m going to mail this out. Sorry no visit forms yet.

Love Me,



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