Formal Complaint against Marion Correctional, NC


David Mitchell, Operations Manager, Department of Public Safety

Duane Terrell, Superintendent, Marion Correctional Facility

Hugh Corpening, Assistant Superintendent, Marion Correctional Facility

November 21, 2013

This is a formal complaint against Marion Correctional for medical neglect, as well as torture and abuse. There will be a separate complaint against the unconstitutional punishment for both administrative segregation and ICON given to Daniel Palacios, #1248101, but this medical issue  is of utmost importance.

This Wednesday, November 20, I drove two hours to visit my husband at Marion Correctional in Marion, North Carolina. I had stayed up all night looking again and again over his letters since the August 31st charges of ICON, so that I can attempt to correctly lodge complaints.

Here is what I have come to understand as true:

August 31 – six men were exhausted from heat issues regarding the HVAC not being on in their unit, so they sat down. There was no violence, the men had just asked for the appearance of the CO, as their rooms literally felt like ovens from no circulating air for that week, and when temperatures soared outside from 82 – 90 degrees with no cloud cover, little outside wind movement, and no shade for their cement walls, as will be addressed in the next complaint to follow by Monday, November 25th.

“It was like opening a car that had been left in the sun with the windows rolled up all day, and we
were expected to just walk into that and sit down,” Daniel explained. All men allowed the guard to handcuff them, and they were acting separately in desperation for relief from the heat, as it was cooler in the adjoining day room. Daniel has been in a form of isolation, as have the other five men whose names will be listed in the next complaint, since this date.

September 9, 2013 – Daniel Palacios was seen by someone in medical because of worsening pain in his abdomen area. He could feel his bowels moving in and out of the rupture at this point. It is decided that he has a hernia, with medical only performing a typical physical exam. There was no other pre-surgery protocol, such as an x-ray.

October 13, 2013 – Daniel Palacios writes to me at the end of a long letter that he was told at 3pm as he was writing to me that someone came in and told him that he could not drink or eat anything after midnight because of a procedure. He then stated that he had to get this in the mail and the letter promptly ended.

October 15, 2013 – Daniel Palacios wrote to me stating that on October 14th he had surgery, and during recovery he had to go use the bathroom. The guards would not allow him to sit on the toilet. Now, it has not even been ten hours since the surgery- a large, open incision over 5 inches in length, and they made the man stand at the urinal. Not only that, but he is shackled at his wrists and ankles. Here is his account of what follows –

It had been so long since I peed that I stood there, waiting. I felt something warm running down my leg, and thought I’d had an ‘accident’ due to anesthesia. I looked down, and a few drops of blood hit the floor. And, just like that, it started to flow, the blood, in a steady stream on the floor. I tried to sit back down on the bed, but the chains weren’t letting me move. So, I had to scoot and lean back as they (nurses, staff) hit the red buttons and started screaming for help. As they were rushing in, grabbing whatever they could to press against me (the surgery incision), I started to lose consciousness, but not totally, because of all the blood lost. As I lay there, they had called the doctor and he told them to get the ER ready again. But, just then, the bleeding stopped, on its own. I laid there, lethargic, hearing people, but like in slow motion. The doctor said he was going to send me back to the prison the same day, but because of this incident he would keep me overnight.

This was at Grace Hospital, in Morganton, a Dr. Patel. However, he was not allowed to stay in the hospital under the attending physician’s care and recommendations – he was transported instead to the Foot Hills camp. So, here is a man who almost died due to negligence of the prison guards, and he is being transported?

10-15-2013 Daniel Palacios is in a room in isolation. He wasn’t bleeding then, but was placed in an isolation cell with a bed unusually high, up to his waist. He cannot get into the bed due to the care needed to protect the incision from possibly opening or tearing. He did at least get ice for his groin, but was in excruciating pain from being close to helpless with the extreme height issues over the bed and toilet. He puts two dinner trays on the floor in an attempt to stand on them on tipy-toe and ease himself over and onto the chained shelf that is the bed. The toilet has no rails or ways to assist him from getting up or down on the low toilet. He explains that the doctor is not there at night, so there is no help to get anything done, and he has had any sleep for over 30 hours. It is very difficult to maneuver this cell, so he stays very still on the shelf as much as he can except to use the bathroom.

10-16-13 Daniel Palacios wrote : I made it through the night. CO Morgan wanted me to get up to get my handcuffs on. As I was struggling to get out of the high bed, the nurse explained that I had a huge incision. She told me to stop (struggling to right myself) and called Sgt. McNahan, and they opened the door, and she told me just to lie down, and the Sgt. handcuffed me and and the doctor looked over my incision. The doctor told the Sgt. To have me moved to a room with a lower bunk, and he said I could take a shower tonight if I could stand that long. I said, “Yes, it’s been since Saturday (October 12) that I’ve had one. I finally got some stool softeners.

Here is a big, strapping man, (5’10”and 240 pounds) with a tremendous stapled incision that needed help getting up and down, help with bathing and cleaning to help avoid infection, as well as nutritional needs, and extra fiber or foods congruent to helping someone heal, that was left to himself, overtly handcuffed, especially as he had never been violent, and was in isolation under non-violent circumstances.

Ever since this date, Daniel has complained of feeling ‘cold’ inside, of not being able to get warmed or to feel like his body is at the right temperature. I fear that he has an interior infection that is not being addressed. Anyone who cannot bathe within four days of a major surgery, or to be helped to bathe, especially in the microbial bath that is prison air should surely be affected by infection given such lack of care.

10-20-13 Daniel Palacios discusses that the pain meds will be stopped today, even though there is still a lot of discomfort. The Cleveland Clinic,

explains better than I why it was so important that he receive proper pain management, so that he could move easier, perform the crucial stretching exercises that would speed and aid his recovery that is almost impossible when one is in acute distress and pain, as well as help keep stress at a minimum. Daniel mentions that he wants to ask a nurse if he could be allowed some ibuprofen to help.

10-23 -13 Daniel Palacios mentions that he was seen by the doctor at Foot Hills who stated he was “fine” and removed the staples. However, Daniel mentions, “it burned and leaked as he took the staples out”. “It doesn’t look that great, but I don’t think it will come apart as I thought it might a couple of days ago. It does have a sharp, throbbing like a knife, at times. He told me that there would be swelling for another six weeks because of the mesh, but didn’t say anything about my leakage or the pain.”

10-25-13 Daniel Palacios was wakened by a guard telling him a nurse was there in regards to a sick call he had made. The sick call had been written on 10-23, so it took two days for a response. He is still having problems getting up, he notes. I am very concerned about this, as my husband is as strong as an ox; I always called him my Mexican bull. He is quite robust, and rarely ill. By this point, post-surgery, ten days later, he should be up and about, especially as he had a hernia surgery in the past, with no trouble such as this, being at home and in good care.

His health, pre-surgery was quite excellent, as he was running outside before the seg issues, lifting weights, doing 600 plus push ups and sit ups, etc. To read him say that he was “struggling to get up”, is an area of huge concern. He describes being chained at ankles and wrists, and unbuttoning his pants so that the incision can be examined. The nurse was a male, and  says that the area was “healing well”. Now, Daniel tells the nurse that just the night before on October 23rd that the incision was “burning and leaking everywhere.” He went on to say, “but not now.”

This to me is clear evidence that the wound has closed over a serious infection. The nurse only stated not to move much, or lift anything. Daniel adds, “I thought everyone was looking good.” That afternoon, he had to have a bowel movement, and describes the following (still 10-25):

 I rolled up a towel and put it against the incision to help against straining while I had to push some…After I finished and removed the towel I noticed fresh blood and yellow leakage on it. I began to curse as I realized that something was very wrong, and the nurse had done nothing. Now, the nurse gave me back my sick call paper, which is never done, and he didn’t want me to be charged for something that was the responsibility of medical post surgery anyway, by checking on the progress of the incision. But, he didn’t really tell me the truth. He really gave me back the sick call sheet as it didn’t look good (the incision) and if I had to place a sick call to get someone to look at it, then they at the prison are really liable for negligence. They have left me to take care of, on my own, what they were responsible for doing. What am I to do, with this really yellow leakage – I just lie very still as so not to move around. I just looked at the incision, and it looks like it’s coming apart some. I’m afraid to move much or suddenly. Medical won’t do anything for me, but I will try and if I don’t get anywhere further you will have to call again. I really don’t feel good at all. I think it needs strips to hold it together…

Then, on 10-26… “I took a shower today, and feel well enough to write. I am still bothered by all of the swelling. It is also painful, and even above the incision it is very hard. I don’t remember this from before.”

The willful neglect of this institution on my husband must end, now. Period. It is obvious that he is being left to die. I visited on Wed, November, and called on Friday, November 8th and was told that there was a nurse already seeing him while I was on the phone. We got into a dialogue and I made sure it was known that the staff was not doing their jobs, and should tend to him appropriately.

Daniel writes on November 9th, that “a nurse came yesterday because you called”. They are blaming my pain on my not working out. I told her that it was like a piece of paper rubbing inside, and was trying to cut my insides.” I say this because when I was able to visit him again, this Wednesday, after calling the prison last week because I could not visit, and again, being told by Nurse Buckhannon in a nasty tone that he “was fine, there was no reason for me to keep calling”, which leads me to call the Assistant Superintendent of the Prison who refuses to answer my questions that were regarding the charges of ICON, as I had intended to ask questions about both situations, as they are both so closely entertwined, with his health being so further restricted by the torture and abuse of being in ICON during all of this sickness and recovery. Since Assistant Superintendent Coperning has hung up on me, and the medical staff refuses to do any complete examination of my husband’s true health, I am now having to write to both the governor, the representatives of House and Senate for further assistance, as well as to any newspaper that may have a caring reporter.

It was very hard to believe that I see a pale, lethargic man who is only a shadow of his energetic, robust self who is in so much need when this could all have been avoided by appropriate care.

Here is what he was asking for, as of Wednesday, November 20 –

  • be transported to see Dr. Cope in Burlington, NC for      third party review and possible care plan,
  • that his A charges be dropped, as the isolation      sentence is a farce and created just as punishment as he and five others      were being brave enough to beg for HVAC repair when there was no air all      week in their unit while the rest of the prison had air for most of the      week of Aug.31,
  • and since he has now served 84 days of isolation      from his peers in both admin seg and now ICON total – both are isolation ,      that his abuse and torture be stopped. It will be impossible for him to      heal given the length of issues regarding the negligence by the guards and      nurses, which was acerbated by the Assistant Superintendent Corpening, who      hung up on me instead of dealing with the issues head on. Another week has      passed since I attempted to get some answers and assistance on how to file      the grievance and complaints by trying to understand truly what the issues      were regarding my husband.

I hope and pray that someone will see the need for expediency and relief for my husband, as well as for the other inmates who are enduring this type of discrimination. There may be other issues within the unit, as well, if both the doctor and assistant are no longer at this facility.

Thank you for taking the time to read this report. I am too exhausted to handle the complaint against unconstitutional use of isolation, but will get to it shortly.


Letter to the Office of Executive Clemency of North Carolina, Pat McCrory

please email your support to our cause here –
 Dear Gov. McCrory,

You have the power to save my husband from abuse and torture, medical neglect, and possible death of a wrongly accused American citizen.

The innocent often do not have a voice, and we need assistance, as what has been happening at Marion Correctional in Marion, North Carolina has gone silent long enough. My husband could die.

My husband has recently had a surgery that was bare minimum in its procedure and consequent care, in isolation in a prison where he does not belong.

I am afraid that he now has an internal infection where the huge 5″ incision was performed and has closed the infection inside. He has not been allowed to bathe daily, and had no way to clean his wounds or to care for himself properly since the surgery on October 15. He gets subgrade food that is not nourishing him, and he almost died on the day of the surgery.

I am writing a formal complaint that will be emailed today to several House of Representatives, as well as to the DOC in Raleigh, and to other government officials. He could die under these conditions, as it has been almost six weeks (Oct.15 surgery) and he has symptoms that would indicate that he has an internal infection that could lead to his becoming septic.

He almost died the same day as the surgery, as he stood in handcuffs on his arms and ankles not even 10 hours after the surgery to relieve himself, and the guards would not even allow him to sit on the toilet, but he had to stand, shackled. As a result from the strain, he began to bleed continuously. By a miracle of God, as doctor and nurses could not stop it, the blood pouring out of his body stopped.

He wasn’t even allowed an overnight stay for observation. He has received no further medical assistance to help him heal , such as extra or special food rations, ability to receive vitamin or other supplements for possible anemia, etc. He cannot even sit in the sun to get much needed fresh air and healing from the effects of the sun.

Please understand that the doctor at Marion, as well as his assistant have been recently ‘moved’ due to this type of medical neglect. There is also an inmate currently whose incision was reopened due to his hernia becoming infected, and he had to be internally cleansed from the lack of care. 

Daniel was wrongfully imprisoned in 2011 in Guilford County, with no evidence against him, a threatened jury, and I was not allowed to testify on his behalf, as they threatened to throw me in jail if I did, and we have two autistic boys, as well as my 85 year old mother, and there would be no one left to care for them. The jury was threatened by Judge Stewart Albright, after three days of deliberation where they could not come to a unanimous guilty verdict.

It was a hung jury, yet on that Friday in January 2011, he brought in the jury after lunch, at 1:15pm and screamed at this panel of older, tired people, threatening to keep them there indefinitely if they did not make a unanimous finding.

At 3:30 pm they walked in and found my husband guilty of 13 counts of sexual related felonies, and 10 years a piece, railroading his sentence into 130 years, with NO evidence, no forensic expertfor the defense, and no testimony from myself, with all of the records of therapy for my step kids, how his ex wife left the youngest son on our doorstep, saying we could ‘have’ him, and the signs she had groomed the oldest step son, if he was not also molested by her boyfriend, as well. This same child, now 20, had sexually molested both my boys. We had tried to get him hsopitalized, but there were no beds at the time I first suspected the sexual abuse, and we were on a waiting list with intensive in home mental services.

My testimony would have ruined Assistant DA Maury A. Hubbard’s case against Daniel Sr. Our story has yet to be told, but I am working diligently, but his health issues have put a stop to that for now.

My mother’s family, as well as us, have lived in Alamance County or Guilford for many decades, my mother was born in Alamance County. I am a third generation graduate of Elon College, and was a Dean’s List Student. We are hard working American citizens who always paid our taxes and tried to make a difference in the world.

You can be a voice for the innocent where it has been silenced by these District 18 officials. They falsely ruined my career as a day care administrator, and our families, putting children back in the presence of a perpetrator, if not two.

Wake Forest Innocence Clinic has been preparing Daniel’s case this year to see what can be done to get him out and clear his name, and our reputations.

I am asking all those I email and mail to call to the Marion Correctional Center or better yet, to the Raleigh branch of the DOC, Mr. Solomon’s office, the director, to ask that my husband be allowed to :

  • be transported to see Dr. Cope in Burlington, NC for  unbiased, third party review and possible care plan,
  • that his A charges be dropped, as the isolation  sentence is a farce and created just as punishment as he and five others  were being brave enough to beg for HVAC repair when there was no air all  week in their unit while the rest of the prison had air for most of the  week of Aug.31,
  • and since he has now served 84 days of isolation  from his peers in both admin seg and now ICON total – both are isolation ,  that his abuse and torture be stopped.
  • that you use your wisdom as governor to use your  executive power As the Governor of NC, to look over my complete documents,  and to see the racial discrimination, the profiling, the prosecutorial  misconduct by Mr. Hubbard, as well as the purposeful breach to a fair trial that Judge Albright commited by allowing Mr. Hubbard III to commit     such unconstitutional acts, as can be shown by reading the 16 page     grievance to the State Bar that they have not ruled on yet. It is quite     forthcoming. He was not allowed an unbiased set of peers, as there were NO  Mexican Americans on the jury, either.

The first Amendment breach was so crucial to the false imprisonment being allowed to take place to Daniel.

A right to jury trial is granted to criminal defendants in order to prevent oppression by the Government. Those who wrote our constitutions knew from history and experience that it was necessary to protect against unfounded criminal charges brought to eliminate enemies and against judges too responsive to the voice of higher authority. The framers of the constitutions strove to create an independent judiciary but insisted upon further protection against arbitrary action. Providing an accused with the right to be tried by a jury of his peers gave him an inestimable safeguard against the corrupt overzealous prosecutor and against the compliant, biased, or eccentric judge. . . . [T]he jury trial provisions . . . reflect a fundamental decision about the exercise of official power–a reluctance to entrust plenary powers over the life and liberty of the citizen to one judge or to a group of judges. Fear of unchecked power . . . found expression in the criminal law in this insistence upon community participation in the determination of guilt or innocence.”48 – See more at:

What our forefathers strove to prevent by creating this priceless amendment was carelessly trampled on by both Judge Albright who allowed the fiasco and encouraged the abuse, by Maury Hubbard III, who completely abandoned his code of ethics at the courthouse door, and to Sabrina Bailey, who allowed my husband to not recieve adequate counsel.

Looking at the false ICON charges:

The UN states that 30 days constitutes torture. He only feels fresh air or the sun once a week. He gets no extra food for a period of seventeen hours each day  as that is when they feed them supper, at 330 pm –  until 530 am the next morning, when they are served breakfast . They are not allowed to purchase any food as additional punishment, nor are they allowed to bathe daily, and cannot even purchase toothpaste. If they are allowed an hour of outside time once a week, they are lucky.

This clearly a breach of the 8th amendment, and something must be done to stop this treatment to an American born, formerly tax paying citizen (26%), who worked hard his entire life, living in North Carolina from age 7, having moved from Chicago.

I have an entire grievance, as well as a formal complaint discussing both issues in full- medical neglect and unconstitutionality of his isolation sentence, that will be emailed to you today, as soon as I transfer it from paper to computer.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

My husband created the mix that covered most of the good highway roads in Guilford and Alamance County, working for APAC, and building the plant on 421 with only a high school education. He is a very smart, hard working Mexican American citizen.

I will send this story to every newspaper, representative of legislature, and non profit I can find over the next week until someone listens. Please do not let an innocent man die from neglect and torture, as he will die there if someone doesn’t help us soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Rochelle Long, power of attorney for Daniel Palacios, opus #1248101

$12. for an ounce of coffee?!? (24 stamps)


Now, I am in here six months, SIX, and can’t buy toothpaste. Forget coffee.

I got the ICON version of canteen today, 2 boxes or 12 cough drops, 2 sets of ear

plugs, and 3 batteries, as well as 17 postage stamps. I ordered the stamps in

the hopes of trading for some coffee, as we certainly can’t buy that in seg! My ‘neighbor’ wants 24 stamps for one and a half ounces of instant coffee maker. That’s IF he fishes it to me. I will have to wait until he decides to do so. Here is a list of what inmates in ICON can ‘order’. Note: NO FOOD.

ointment   menthol   lozenges   antifungal cream   pimple lotion   Blistex Noxzema   ear plugs   batteries   shower shoes   Braun Razor   replacement blades   foils   a plastic watch (worth about $6. )for $9.17.

Oh stamps, and denture cream, which I will need if I am never going to be allowed to buy toothpaste..lolol…if we don’t laugh, we’ll drown in tears in here…

God, I hope my cousin was able to order that food package before I was sentenced with ICON. I just wish she would write me back to let me know what was going on with her. I need to get my family’s addresses and phone numbers because when they put me in here the guards took my address book and threw it away. Now I can’t get in touch with anyone. Not that I can call before February, but I could at least write some of my family members up north…trusting in God…He’s in control.


I have just lain around today, not wanting to move much. I took a shower and now feel better to try and write. Getting a bath every other day doesn’t help, but the swelling is very painful, even above the incision, and the area is very hard. I am still getting wheeled to and from, but the weighted handcuffs don’t help.

I still didn’t get my coffee after paying my stamps, so I better get it tonight.  I won’t have but one stamp left, so I want to get this out tomorrow, and then I ‘ll have to wait until Friday to buy more.

Oh, now my neighbor admits it was only 10 stamps for one and a half ounces of coffee grounds. It was 20 for the whole bag, so he gave me six stamps back.  Is this insane, or what?

Keep your eye on God’s will


relationships, injustice, solitude

Psalm 37:7-9
Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper—it only leads to harm. For the wicked will be destroyed, but those who trust in the Lord will possess the land.”

Don’t worry about me; well, maybe a little, but not enough to get anxious.

We need to stay focused on what will help us move forward. Moving forward

doesn’t mean forgetting – it just means we do better to work on what we are able to change now, and work on what we can’t when it looks like we can make a difference later. Our true goal is to get me out. But, your daily goal is to our family.

Just keep your eye on God’s will to occur in your life, as well as the children’s.

I don’t know where I’m going with this except that I don’t want you to be kept from your daily life.

I keep having these sharp pains in the incision. I guess it is healing, but I don’t remember pains like this from the last surgery at home. I don’t think the doctor did a very good job, but that could just be my opinion. I think this pain, and being in here so long now makes me confuse myself sometimes. Ideas, thoughts just flow right out of head, and I forget what I was doing or thinking…

They came by tonight and gave me another blanket, Thank you, Jesus; and I asked the CO if I could change my original for another, as you could see through the only one I had, so he did. Now, I will be a little warmer in here.

Praise God for such relief. It may be small to most reading this, but in here, where things are out of your control to care for yourself, the little things become even more important. I really wish I had those ear muffs you bought me for when I had to repair equipment in the winter. They always kept my head warm.

I’m just starting to feel my legs, and ate a peanut butter sandwich. I wish there was hot intstead of just cold, constant air blowing on me. I wish you were here with me to keep me warm. The low for tonight is the upper 20’s, and with no quilts or covers, even wearing two undershirts and a work shirt isn’t enough.

Well, the nurse finally showed up (two days later)


At 10:15 a.m. the C.O. yelled through the door and said a nurse needed to see me. So, I

struggled to get up and then he tells me to put on pants. Again, I fumble

lost love, solitude, injustice, Latino

You’d be surprised how much a little push from the outside world could help us in here…


still having to be sooo careful because of my incision hurting so bad, and

then he has me put my hands through the slot to be handcuffed. Then, he tells

me to sit on the bed, which is protocol.

But, the nurse wants to see the incision, because I had written the sick call, so she had to come. I go to unbutton my pants, but I can’t because of the handcufss and chains, so I can’t bend, as the ones around my ankles are hooked by the same chain between them. So, I just look at the CO, and ask him why he had me put my pants on if she had to look at the hernia surgery scar…(now, remember it is a 5 inch incision from where they let it go so long untreated, and of course it is down by my groin)

Well, he didn’t have anything to say, he just unlocked the cuffs so I could finally unbutton my pants so I can lay back down on the bed. Then the male nurse looks at it,(I didn’t know who the nurse would be until he came in) and says it is healing well. I look at him and explain that it had been burning all night and had leaked everywhere at the time I wrote the sick call, just not right now, TWO DAYS LATER!

He just says not to lift anything heavy, and doesn’t even CHANGE my bandage or do anything. Then, he leaves. Just like that. But, it was weird, as they never give us any copies of the sick call, they always take it for their ‘records’. He said he didn’t want me to be charged for something that Medical should be doing as protocol after a surgery, but wasn’t.

On top of that, he wasn’t telling me the truth. He really gave me the sick call because it didn’t look good and if I had to place a sick call to get someone to look over it, and then they find something wrong, it becomes negligence.

They have left me on my own to take care of what they at medical were supposed to do – make sure I was getting better, not worse.

So, I laid there, not moving until they brough my lunch tray, and then I ate and listened to the radio. As I was resting there, doing my best not to move too much, I pushed to get up and I had fresh blood and some more leakage on my clothes. So, now I’m bleeding, and what am I supposed to do now? The nurse had said that it didn’t look infected, but how can I believe him with all of this yellow pus leaking out again today?

People outside don’t realize how we are treated like cattle; even our food is animal grade.

Sigh. Well, the mail and paper came, so I will have something to read to ease my mind.

Thanks for listening  to me so much, with all of my complaining…it would be so great if you could get some people to help you write complaints to send to the regional director in Morganton. Even when you call and complain, they run around like ants whose hill has been disturbed. It could make a difference…

I should have honored you, truly


respect women


I’ve been thinking about you so much lately. I’ve had to remember ways that I

could’ve treated you better, things I wish now I could do that I should’ve been

doing all along. You see, today’s man hasn’t been taught to respect women. Most

have abusive fathers, if they even knew the one they had, and see only the wrong ways to do things to their own moms. Depending on how those children’s moral compass is instilled from birth, this will be the key to how they treat women, and/or themselves.

By seeing the same things happen to their own moms, they then go out and treat future women, or allow themselves if they are grown women, and then their own children, to get the same treatment. They come to know this as acceptable behavior. Forget them every knowing self-esteem or confidence to stand up for themselves…

So, if a woman grows up without knowing her boundaries, or how to demand respect, or how to respect herself, then how can a man show respect where none is required? Yes, men should always respect a woman, but until the woman understands by being taught by her family first about how to take pride in herself, then  it will be hard to draw a respectful man to her.

I know now that I should have shown you much more respect, and would have, had I been closer to God’s word. I had considered myself to be a respectful man, but now, looking back, I see it was only a small part. I should have ‘honored’ you, truly. This would have shown our children how to honor and respect you, as well as each other. It always starts with the man, as he must lead the household, holding the family together, instead of tearing it apart.

Well, the game will be starting soon. It’s 8:10 p.m. now, so I will close this out for now. I need to hold you in my arms, but I’ll just have to wait. Tell the boys I love them. I can’t wait to hear from you again…


Jude 22, “And of some have compassion, making a difference.”


Can you see how important it is for someone like me to be be informed in here?

Not being able to even look at a t.v. keeps us in the dark about so many things,

especially world events.

They did that to the monks in Tibet, dangling the idea that they might get to read a paper, giving false hope, keeping them along…

I don’t even know who won last Sunday’s race or what now has happened with the Sprint cup series points.

I didn’t hear the race and didn’t get a newspaper until Thursday this week.

Monday’s would’ve had all about what happened in the sports’ world.

I guess I won’t get my trade down the hall until tomorrow. I would have liked to eat it while listening to the game…”Go panthers”…It doesn’t start until 8:30 tonight.  I don’t know what I’ll do on Sunday unless the race comes on, as I would listen to Sunday night football that night.

I didn’t know I had an influence, but they must not be wanting me to

Never underestimate how the little things you do show love...

Never underestimate how the little things you do show love…

spread mine…lol…Jude 22, “And of some have compassion, making a difference.”..

but, God has turned this torture into a way to get closer to Him. Can you please find me some bible study courses? I stopped doing the NIV studies, as they don’t always have all of the original verses. And, anything else you see that I could study through the mail that might be free. Please bombard me with different with all types of mail so I will have things to read and do. It’s starting to get so bland in here…

In here, that can make or break you

I love you so much; your beauty abounds these walls, this space between us.

Pray about what you do daily with our children, and even your mom; she is a part of this whole thing. She has suffered greatly from the loss of my income and assistance with all of the day to day living decisions. Reading the book you bought, and the bible has helped me to stay sane – are you still reading it a little each day?

I didn’t have to get the charge that I received, but my case worker did nothing to advocate for me, or to talk about how I’ve never caused trouble or been a problem my three years so far. But, she is just like the rest, sitting around, doing as little as possible while on the clock. Our super will be retiring soon, and there isn’t anyone to take his place right now. I’m so blessed to have you here for me. So many have no one at all to speak out for them, or to help, and when in here, that can make or break you.


Hey, I got a paper again today. It has been pushed under my door, so I guess when the officer reads it and decides to give it to me, then I can get it.

I know you don’t care about this stuff, but the Panthers play against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Carolina is 3-3 while the Bus are 0-6. But, they still play a dangerous game that C better be ready for. This would help them in the conference, and let them stay in the wild card playoffs, unles the Saints started losing a lot of games….

I feel much better today. It doesn’t fell quite as bad now. The incision doesn’t look that great, but I don’t still think it will come apart, I hope! I’m still staying still in bed most of the time, so I won’t aggravate it. I think most of my worry was that it sort of burned and leaked after the doctor took the staples out. It doesn’t burn too much now, but it does have a sharp throbbing, like a knife. The mesh is supposed to stop huring inside after about six weeks, but I can still feel it.

I really enjoyed your letter, though it was short, but to get it in less than a week was really good. I know I most likely won’t get another one this week.

They’ve moved some men around this week. There were eight of us in this dorm out of 24 people. They well all moved to A block because the other areas were filled. I hope to stay as I still need this handicap room for a few more weeks. If my cousin didn’t order my package before the ICON date, then they won’t let me have my Christmas package. People outside don’t realize how important it is that they do things if they can to help us, like ordering things, writing, sending a card or calling to check on us if they haven’t heard from us in a while. Time goes by so quickly for those outside, and it can be a month with no word before you know it. It makes it very hard in here, with so little to keep us occupied or to help ease our minds.

I still have a few things from the last order this year, but am out of coffee, which would really help me, as it is so cold. We can’t get any unless we already had it in regular. I did hold on to a box of tea from last Christmas, and that has been such a blessing since I’ve been sent here to seg.

We have no way to get any canteen much, and we already do without so much. I hoped to get the

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Every winter, you’d be like a squirrel, hoarding away extra food during my lay offs.

coffee, peanut butter and the cappicinos the most, as the capp reminds me of how you woule spoil me on weekends and make we those special coffees that we would sit and drink on the porch, or at the table while the kids were still asleep. You bought me that HUGE cup from the parkway trip, and I would drink every bit. I miss things like this the most. I also use it instead of a pack of cream and sugar, as it saves on my food supplies. You can trade in here, but you got the most with stamps, and without my stamps, I want to hold on to my food, as I am still so hungry.

I can remember how you’d take my Christmas bonus at the first of December and buy extra food for the pantry, as I would always be laid off due to the weather for at least 8-10 weeks each winter, and my checks would be cut in half. You were like a squirrel, packing flour, butter, extra items in every nook and cranny so we would at least have pintos, biscuits, soups, stews to help us to get by.


It is so cold behind concrete…


I am glad to hear that the Innocence Clinic is still working on my case, as it’s been almost a year since

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Inside these four walls, the sun doesn’t shine

you took them the files. Maybe they have more options to approach than the one in Raleigh, as there was no DNA at all to compare because I never did anything. Many states have had to go back and compare those on death row with past evidence, and many of these men are getting exonerated. Without any evidence, why am I even here to begin with, other than words of an angry woman pushing damaged children? Only God knows how long these things will take to come together, I just need to find a way to do God’s will.

I need to keep improving myself, and my communication skills so that I can speak more effectively about what needs to be done, as well as what is happening. I’ve asked God to give me the confidence to speak for Him, so I’m just waiting to be able to gain the ability to speak clearly and well. This pen is almost out of ink. I only had five pens, and I can’t buy any as I’m not allowed to use canteen until February. I hope they all hold out.


I was driven to an outside facility for a post-op check up and the doctor said I was healing fine and removed my staples. I do get to use the wheelchair in between at least, as I am hand/leg cuffed when walking about. The doctor said not to lift anything heavy, so I asked what was heavy to him. He said a gallon of milk…he said to be sure and not stretch my body much for the next six weeks. The only thing I’m lifting right now is myself, so I will do my best to be careful.

It was so great to be out and able to feel the sun; it was only for a few minutes, but nice, as I hadn’t been outside in a few weeks. Some of the small things, like just being outside and feeling the sun’s rays, is so important. Inside we can’t feel anything, and it is so cold behind concrete. Just to see God’s creations that the Sun helps to grow is not appreciated. It brings joy to so many people. We feel so sickly, hidden away from everyone. We ask ‘why’, but we must wait for God’s time, and accept that he is in control…but, I do miss it so much, the Sun.

I’ve been more hungry than usual, and I’m not working out. I did get your letter today, which was great, as well as the other two. I got the paper you ordered for about two weeks, and then I didn’t get it at all last week. Don’t know why.