It’s the LIttle Things

love, men, women, relationships

Tiny was just right.

that mean the most. To me, anyway. I know it’s easy for you to forget sometimes because you are so busy with the boys, and school, or worrying about how to pay all the bills, buy food, keep gas in the car.
But here, here where there’s nothing but darkness that isn’t dark because the light bulb is always on, but it’s dank, and either too cold or hot. You can’t change the thermometer, grab another cover, or go to another room. I have to sit here, with myself, and our memories.

This tiny chapel in Boone wasn’t much, but it was special. Us. A way to bond with God what we had done by our feelings, love and lust. I guess we did it backwards, but we did our best.
It meant so much to say our vows with only us, and to be alone together afterwards, man and wife. It was little, but it made a huge change in me.


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