Your love Radiated out to me Like a Glow

Dear Shel,

I really miss your stew. Even to have a taste of it…it was always great.
Of course, there is no comparison to the “food” here.
I must have a lot of debts to repay, I am starting to understand what I needed to learn.
I’ve been a very stubborn man, so it has taken a little while to get through to me.

Anyway, know that you are beautiful. You are my best friend.You have done a great job with the children all alone.
Yes, your mom does help out some, but you’ve mostly been alone.

Seeing you yesterday helped so much to feel your love, even through the glass.
I wanted to push my head against the glass to get closer to you.

Your energy keeps me going.
Your loving words give me strength. I want to hold you…I miss your touch and warmth…I can’t hold back the tears.
Do you spray my letters with perfume?
I appreciate your worry as a mother does for her child, but please don’t burden yourself so much.
Let’s continue to encourage each other and communicate our love so we can strengthen our bond.

You really write about our sex life on the internet?
You write what we say to each other, and people read it? Really?
I guess they need to see how real love brings two people together.

I can remember how we used to pick blueberries, black berries, straw berries, and stay up all night to can, freeze or make jelly.
Even if we had to work the next day so we could prepare whole foods for our family. The kids would run through the fields, and we would pick up the baby so he could get some, too, still crisp and full of juice. They never knew of all the work. You needed my help, and I wanted to help you.

Sex with you was always great.
You always poured yourself out to me.
The power Between us was overwhelming. You knew me fully so that my body felt so much pleasure.
It wasn’t just sex, but it was a way to recharge; a sense of connection to each other, after all the stress of the day.
Even after working 12 or 18 hours, we always made time for sex, our love making.

You always wanted me deep inside, and would wrap your legs around me so tight.
I remember the last time we made love, Jan23rd. We made love two times that day.
You didn’t want it to end, knowing I had to travel down the mountain to go to court.
We didn’t know if it would be the last time we might have together…
You lay with your back against me in the hotel bed, starting to disconnect.
I still needed to hold you close, but you wouldn’t hold me back.
I was trying to hold on for dear life.
I don’t blame you, and you did change the last days in court, leaning against me, your head on me.
I never felt more connected to you as then.
Your love radiated out to me like a glow.


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