Nature Creates in the midst of disaster, Love


Dear Chicano,

I sometimes fail to understand where your strength comes from,
in the midst of Hell, terror, and pain that trails all around you.

Oh my God, I don’t see how you do it; persevere, I would have killed myself by now

Yes, I’ve had several therapists/ people say that to me over the years, and I could say the same to you…how?
You were the only man in my whole life who could claim my heart and soul, tell me off when I needed it, or comfort.
You were also my rock, my safe place.

People make excuses for falling out of love, to give them lease to roam; however, that is not the case.
When Creator/God binds two together, it will not be undone; it remains firece, true, and forged from the universal flow.
I want you now as I did the first time your calloused hand touched my bare skin fourteen years ago.
There is a calmness now, a knowing that was not there in the beginning, but that is earned through time.
Nature always finds a way to right things, even when all seems lost.

I guess that’s how you keep on, you too seek equilibrium, waiting for another chance to create.

That’s why Laura sits on the eggs, 14 in all, even though they will begin hatching in October.
She knows she has to help the flock survive, we almost lost them all to the coyotes,

And she trusts that her master will provide…


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