They force inmates to do hazmat cleanup without any training

Sept.18, 2013

Hello, dear.

Today Lt. came to tell me that some mail got rejected

love lost, musings, solitude, writing

People have forgotten us, but we are still here…”

due to publication/material source that you sent.

You will have to contact the publisher of Solitary Watch and have them send it to me so I can get it.

Even though it is public knowledge, they will not let family members send anything like that to inmates.

I had them send it to my cousin so she can know how bad things are for inmates in general. I’m SO mad. They have taken away all of our rights; the Constitution doesn’t apply to us, neither does Human Rights. The prisons don’t want us to know what the others are doing so that we might become something  and stand together to be heard.

I am so mad, because I really wanted to see what you and the others had to say.

“We are still human,” should be my mission statement. Pets get treated better than we do.

People have forgotten us, but we are still here. We re-enter the world every day, only to be rejected by people who claim that God is their God.

We need other people involved with getting more Inmates’ rights, so the faculty and staff of prisons will be accountable for their actions.

The inmates are forced to do things that no one else wants to, that no one should be doing. There are inmates using lifts to do various tasks up near the ceiling, like plumbing, changing lights and other electrical work without any safety harnesses. These inmates aren’t OSHA trained like we were, and can’t even properly operate the equipment.

They also have inmates in the warehouse taking old mats that we sleep on and tearing them open and just re-arranging the old, lumpy padding inside that may be twenty years old. This material has dead skin, mites, sweat and other hazardous materials in the bedding, and all the inmate has on is a simple pair of gloves and a cheap dust mask.

Then they force inmates to do the hazmat cleanup without any gear on, wiping up feces, blood – things that require special training, and of course, they don’t get any. They are also doing the laundry that is filthy, and all they do is make the inmates get a Hep B shot.

To do this work, we might get .40, .70 or maybe a dollar, A DAY. The cost of a stamp is more than their pay, so they are forced to stay indigent. They can’t make more than the mail they send.



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