The Animal, Me


So, if you make less than $15. a month,

then you remain indigent. For each write up, we are billed $10.00.  poor

A cell mate was written up because he stood up to the fact

that sometimes we only get 5 minutes to eat chow.

He was so upset he made a scene and got written up 8 times in a span of 15 minutes.

He doesn’t get much from the outside, so he takes any job he can, but he might only make $2.00 a week, at .40 a day.

It wil take him forever to pay that $80.00 off, and if he gets any money from the outside, the prison will take it all.

The prison is so corrupt that is is unbelievable. They just do what they want, and we have to take it.

That A charge I got for not wanting to get locked up in that hot box only has one other charge higher, and that would have been if I had taken someone hostage! Can you believe that?!?

I would have gotten a lesser charge if I had been fighting with an inmate, or even a guard. No one even paid attention to my appeal. Now, if I had pled guilty, they would have given me a ‘B’ charge, and you can call me hard headed if you want, but I know I am not guilty of trying to start a riot.

Off.W was not being truthful. He came into the wing and laughed because he knew that we were trying to cool down our cell, which was like a brick oven because the sun hits the cement wall all day with no air conditioning.

When someone leaves their dog in a car to go shopping, that person can get charged for cruelty to animals if it is a hot day, or miserable for the animal, yet us humans can sit locked in a cell that is 90 plus degrees for several hours a day, for several days, and no one gets penalized, but the animal, me.


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