The need for human touch is so great


Dear Shel,

I miss going outside.

They let us go outside today, but it was windy, and cold.

There were only six of us that went outside, because they won’t tell us on our ‘break’


Nakhal Fort

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken…(Psalms 62:vs.1,2)”

if we are going outside or not, so most stay inside. But, if all the guys would say ‘yes’,  they’d have to take us outside because of our numbers.I really wish I could touch you. It seems to be what I miss most, I guess, as I never could keep my hands off of you!

Please read Psalms 62: 1-8. It is a great and wonderful Psalm, and you will feel its power.

I’ve been listening to a lot of preaching lately, as they haven’t taken my radio yet.

God is good!

I would really liketo see you get back into going to church, you and the boys could use it.

I miss going; even here, I had gotten away from the true meaning of it because of my hardened heart.

I didn’t even realize it! I see now that God needed to sit me down to talk to me like a small child.

We are going through troubling times, and we need to wait in silence for God.

We always want to run to a crowd, as the noise drowns out His Voice.

I don’t feel alone any more. I feel God with me, but the need for human touch is so great.

I think my inner child needs the comfort of your mothering love more now than ever.

I pulled away from you so many times. I hope you forgive me for that.

Please tell the boys that I’m asking for forgiveness from them, as well.

I was very mean, at times, and overbearing, selfish, and hurtful. I want them to heal.

The same for you. If you need to say anything to me, do so that you might heal.

I see it now, that I treated you the same way.

Please forgive me.

Yours, Chicano


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