The Waterfall


How we sweated together,
to make this waterfall come to life; you loved the sound of water so,
and I knew it would be nice for you to hear at night.

I picked out each rock, the slates for their color and potential sound as the water would fall off of each other. We dug, we lifted, tore a few holes in the plastic by mistake, and I think I ran over the shovel; you always made fun of how I couldn’t see to drive…sigh.

We did so much, a team, and always made the kids help. They picked out all of the fish, the plants, and helped us put it all together. It was OUR project.

So, too, this suffering now is ours. We planned it, somewhere among the stars, this contract between you and I. We will make it through, and travel on to some new place, and begin digging again.

I promise not to drive.


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