Throwing people away is an epidemic

Dear Chicano,

I want to send you this information, but I know you won’t be allowed to read it. As I don’t want to forget to tell you about it, I am posting it here,

From a wordpress site,

here is a reply I made on your behalf, after reading parts of an atrocious account of one inmate who was violent, yes, but has been kept in isolation for over 10,000 days. I am beginning to  see the potential purpose of your own  situation, and why we have to suffer, yet keep fighting.

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@8forever, is this your blog? I am looking for whomever is ‘in charge’ of this movement. There is so much hatred, confusion, misinformation, closed hearts, and lack of overall knowledge from many of the commentators here that it makes me just wish to give up hope of ever getting out.
However, I refuse to give up.
As an innocent man, incarcerated on false charges with no evidence, racially profiled, not even allowed a forensic expert to testify on my behalf, a jury that was harassed into 13 unanimous charges of guilty or told they couldn’t go home, threatening to throw my wife in jail if she testified because she had all of the records of years of therapy for my kids from a previous marriage and had kept records over a decade of all the things my ex-wife subjected my kids to,
I want to know WHO do we ask for help? I see anger and name calling, etc. but how do make a difference? I mean, for everybody?
We look and look, and these horrible stories fall on deaf ears for change!
Someone says write to BOP, so what can we say that will bring reform?
Someone says call the Judge Brimmer’s office.and do what?

I am soon to be locked up in ICON now because me and some guys were burning up in a unit where the a-c went out. I didn’t murder anyone. We dared to complain that we could barely breathe after several days with no moving air.

The bottom line here is that this is America. All of us in these prisons are American. We should be allowed constitutional rights, among which is to be heard by an objective peer group. There is no oversight committee in the prisons. No one is allowed inside to see anyone’s conditions. That is why there is no reform; the government does not want reform.

If there were some way to get together with all of the people on this extensive site who wanted true justice, the word could get out, people would outcry, and change could be made, for the good of all people involved. How many white men out there ever have a jury that is ALL none white? Hhmmm, yet how many hispanics even get one hispanic on their jury? I didn’t even know I had the right to ask for some Hispanics to be on the panel!!! And I was born and raised in America.

Can someone tell me , please, who does my wife contact, write to, complain to on behalf of me and the other men in NC? Is it someone on a federal level? And, how do create a grass roots movement for liberty and justice for all?

t. I will post our story everywhere I can, in the hopes that I can luck up and learn how to make a difference for all injustice issues in the prison.


One thought on “Throwing people away is an epidemic

  1. This is a wonderful and moving blog. (And I’m a big fan of solitarywatch, too.)

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