Thrown in Isolation in NC


Dear Shel,

Well I’ve been put in seg, but wasn’t told why!


The United Nations argues that more than 15 days in solitary confinement constitutes torture, but some prisoners in the U.S. have endured decades of it. Watch the full discussion about why America holds so many people in such terrible conditions and why it is so difficult to improve those conditions. – Melissa Harris Perry,

They locked up six of us in the dorm on the same side. Here’s what happened –

On Friday we complained to Sgt. that the air conditioning had been turned off on our side of the dorm. He didn’t do anything to remedy the problem. We later found out it also effected the downstairs dorm on the same side.

After chow on Sat. evening we all went back to our rooms and opened our doors to relieve some of the heat of our rooms. We asked the c/o,( the same one that stopped us from kissing) to have the exhaust fan turned on to pull the hot air out of our rooms. We even asked him to come up to see what we were talking about ‘heat wise’, because their was a big difference between out in the day room and our rooms.

He said he would tell the Sgt. and we told him that he already knows, so would he please get us a Lieutenant to see what he may do. We did take a little more time to air our our rooms but as soon as he told us to lock down, we did.

Well, about an hour later he called down the guy in cell 11 next to mine and told him the Sgt. wanted to speak to him down stairs. Then, the guy in 15, then 13, and also 1,5 and then me in 9. I got downstairs and the Leiut. and the Capt. J, the ones that always give you a hard time when you visit, they just said to put our hands behind our back so that’s what I did, and ever since I’ve been here in seg. (Aug.31)

Some of the other guys said they were told it was because we refused to lock down, therefore disobeying a direct order. But yet, they had to let us out of our rooms in order to call us down to be locked up. So now I’ve been put in seg, it’s not THAT bad right now, but there’s no rec time or enough food to eat, and you’re only allowed a change of clothes and a shower every other day, which I can’t stand, you know that!

I’ve been thinking about you and the boys alot. I’ve almost finished the book you sent. I’m also putting to use the word search book you mailed to a long time ago, when I was at Central P in 2011. It reminds me of mom – she loved doing word searches.  I’m starting to understand more about the needs of my inner child ’cause of your book. that you have to start back at the beginning and allow him to heal and grow at the same time. I don’t know when I’ll get out but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Know that I love you with all my heart and I’m thinking of you always. Give the boys a big hug and kiss for me also. And let them know I love and miss them too.




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