Letters from Seg, 1


Hey, dear.

Last night the Sgt. came to my room to tell me my rights,

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I missed even being rained on, like all those times in the garden. God, I miss being in the garden with you.

and also to write me up from the Aug.31 incedent(?).

What was written down wasn’t true of course so I wrote a statement that described what happened. I also asked for the video of the dorm to be at my hearing to show that I was only trying to get some cooler air into my cell.

Anyway, how have you been? I haven’t received any letters from you since the first of Aug. Yes, that’s a month ago. You got onto me about not writing and you’re doing the same. I know you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time.

Well, they let some of the other inmates have rec outside in what I call “dog lots’, they are caged inside of a 10 x 10 x 10 pen with a caged top. I didn’t go out there, I wouldn’t feel right in that environment. They still haven’t given me my extra pillow or changed out my mat. It’s so lumpy my back is hurting so bad. But they don’t care. When they asked me about my room I told them that the mat wasn’t any good. And they marked it down as ‘poor’. When they do that they are supposed to get one that is in fair condition.

You know, this prison throws out a lot of food each day and you think they would try to give more to the guys in seg because we aren’t able to go to canteen and get more. In here we are limited to very little canteen food. We also only take showers every other day. That really bothers me, so I only work out on the days I’m going to shower.

I’ve been reading and doing word searches. I also listen to talk radio and 106.9, christian radio. I received another christian magazine, and I read that, too.

I’m pretty sure I lost my job by now. So, I don’t know when or how I’ll get another one. The video should show that i was fanning my door to attempt to get air into my cell. But, most of the time the inmate loses and they charge us $10.00 for having to write them up. So, most of the write ups are just to get more money from the inmates. In here, we are guilty and have to prove our innocence. Hey that’s not much different from out there, is it?

How are the boys? I miss you all so much. I just sent out a request form to the Sgt. on duty day shift about the mat and pillow so who knows. I’ll probably need you to call up here to get something done.

Oh, they feed us at 5:30 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3:30 pm, every day. It’s like 14 hours without anything to eat unless we hoard food for later, like I do.

Being on a vegan diet I get a peanut butter every morning, so I keep my bread that’s wrapped in saran wrap and eat it about 8:30 pm and also a few apples. I have no idea how long they will hold me in here. I’ve seen so much worse done, like they find a razor blade in someone’s room and they don’t go to seg right away. Man, I just ramble on, don’t I….


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